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Apr 07 2011

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

This evening, I decided to peruse the various TFA sites to learn more about Baltimore, my new home. I happened upon an article published in the Baltimore Business Journal that provided an alarming statistic: only 38.5% of high school students in Baltimore actually graduate. This is the second worse rate among the top 50 school districts in America. If this trend continues, the majority of kids matriculating in the Baltimore school system will never set foot onto a college campus. How did we get here? More important, where do we go from here?
I am humbled by the daunting task that has been laid before me and my fellow corps members. I see it as a privilege and a challenge. While I do subscribe to altruism, I am not naïve: it will not be a cake walk. I am sure that there…

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Apr 05 2011

Presumptuous, much…?

Someone once told me, “if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”  Well God must be somewhere in heaven ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing, for all you non-texters out there), because in the course of 24 hours, my life plan has been completely turned on its head!  In the midst of anxiously…

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